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How to create push notification campaign
How to create push notification campaign
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Explore the world of targeted communication with push notification campaigns. Learn how to effortlessly set up and send push notifications using our platform with these straightforward steps.


  1. Access Your Dashboard: Log in to your dashboard and locate the "Campaign" icon on the left side. Click on it to access campaign features.

  2. Click on Push Notification: Once in the Campaign section, find and select "Push Notification" to initiate the creation of a push notification campaign.

  3. Create Push Campaign: Within the Push Notification section, click on "Create Push Campaign" to start a new campaign.

  4. Enter Necessary Information: Provide essential details for your push notification campaign, including the message content and any relevant settings.

  5. Choose Sending Time: Decide when you want your campaign to be sent. You have the option to send it "Now" for immediate delivery or select "Later" to set a specific schedule.

  6. Click on Send: Once you've entered all the necessary information and selected the sending time, click on "Send" to launch your push notification campaign.

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