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Howw to create an SMS sequence
Howw to create an SMS sequence
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Elevate your marketing strategy by setting up an SMS sequence with ease. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create an impactful SMS automation using our platform.


  1. Access Automation in Your Dashboard: Begin by logging in and Click on it to access automation features.

  2. Create Automation Workflow: Within the Automation section, choose to create a new automation. Opt for "Build from Scratch" to customize your sequence. Click "Create New Workflow" to proceed.

  3. Choose Action Trigger: Select your desired action trigger; for example, "Subscriber Joins via Form." Choose the specific form from the options provided and click "Add."

  4. Add Action: Click the "+" button to add an action to your workflow. Select "Action" and choose "Send SMS Sequence."

  5. Create SMS Sequence: Click on "Create New Sequence" to set up your SMS sequence. Enter the necessary information, including the message content. Once complete, click "Activate."

  6. Activate the Sequence: Confirm your settings and activate the SMS sequence. Your automation is now live and ready to engage with your audience.

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