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How to create a push sequence
How to create a push sequence
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Explore the power of automated push sequences to enhance engagement. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating a push sequence from scratch using our platform.


  1. Access Your Dashboard: Log in and head to your dashboard. On the left side, find and click on the "Automation" icon.

  2. Create Automation: In the Automation section, click on "Create Automation." Choose to build from scratch for a customized sequence.

  3. Create New Workflow: Opt for "Create New Workflow" to begin crafting your unique automation.

  4. Choose Action Trigger: Select your desired action trigger; for example, "Subscriber joins via form." Pick the relevant form and click "Add."

  5. Add Action: Click the "+" button and choose "Action." Select "Send Push Sequence" from the options.

  6. Create New Sequence: Within the action settings, click on "Create New Sequence." Enter the necessary information for your push sequence.

7. Activate Sequence: Once your sequence details are in place, click on "Activate" to set your push sequence live.

You've successfully created a push sequence!!

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