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How to create an SMS campaign
How to create an SMS campaign
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Follow these simple steps to launch your campaign efficiently:


  1. Access Your Dashboard: On the left side, find and click on the "Campaign" icon;

  2. Select SMS: Once in the Campaign section, click on the "SMS" option;

  3. Create SMS Campaign: Click on "Create SMS Campaign" to start a new campaign.

  4. Enter Campaign Details: Provide essential details such as the "campaign name" and select the targeted recipient "list". Click "Save and Continue" to proceed;

  5. Compose SMS: Enter your sending name, SMS text, and a "Short URL domain name";

  6. Schedule Campaign: Choose between "Send Now" for immediate dispatch or "Send Later" to schedule your campaign for a specific date and time;

  7. Add Credits: Before sending, add the required credits to your account;

  8. Send Campaign: Once all details are in place, click on the "Send" button to launch your SMS campaign.

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