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How to prevent your emails from going to spam
How to prevent your emails from going to spam
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It's sometimes frustrating when you see your emails going to spam, so the question is: "how to prevent your emails from going to spam?".

Below I list the top tips to prevent spam and to maximize your open rate:

  1. In your communication with your audience via campaigns you need to ask your subscribers to move emails from spam folder to inbox and mark it as important.

  2. Ask your subscribers to whitelist your sending email and add it to their contacts. You can include a link in each email asking them to do it.

  3. In your campaigns, try to have interaction with your audience and ask your subscribers to reply after receiving your campaign. (E.g: "What do you think of the past webinar and its timing?")

    Note: The more replies you get the more inboxing and open rate your future campaigns will get and this is a fact! So I recommend to encourage your subscribers to reply to your campaigns.

  4. Ask your subscribers to move your campaign from promo tab (in case) to primary tab.

  5. Send high quality content that your audience LOVE.

  6. Don't annoy your subscribers or customers frequently with offers and sales: sometime give freebies and some high quality advices to build loyal audience.

  7. Don't send too frequently.

  8. Try to use friendly subject line and don't duplicate same oontent for your campaigns. If you duplicate content it will land to promo tab or even worst to spam folder.

  9. Avoid spammy words in both subject and content.

  10. Segment subscribers and send targeted emails

If you follow the easy 10 steps above I'm 100% sure that your open rate will be higher and your emails will never hit spam folder.

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