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How to add an additional field to form
How to add an additional field to form
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When you select one of the form templates you might find these fields: Email, First name, and Last name.

What if you want to add a field like "Phone number" ?

In this article I will show you how simple to do this by following the easy steps below:

  1. Click on settings of the form and find the list name linked to your form, let's call it "List#1"

  2. Go to Lists and click on "List#1" then clickk on "Custom fields"

  3. Create a custom field with the label "Phone number", choose any slug, text as a type then save.

  4. Go back to your form and click on the icon "+" to add a custom field

  5. Click inside the field you just added then on the left side click on "select field" and map it to "Phone number"

    6. You can customize the style for the field you just created and also you can move it by drag it and move it by clickking on the icon at the right side of the field.

  6. Save your form.

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