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How to share an automation with other Zagomail users
How to share an automation with other Zagomail users
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In any business, creating an automation that works is a challenge because it requires lot of time in testing, tweaking, and improving each step in the flow.

Expert marketers consider creating a solid automation workflow the most important task that impacts directly revenue and sales.

Wether you are an expert marketer, coach, trainer, creator, funnel seller, you might spend days, weeks, or even months to build a couple of automations tested to generate great results...

So what if you want to share your automations with others? maybe with your team or students,..etc

What if you want to sell your automations online?

In this article, I'm glad to introduce a simple, with-one-click feature to share your automations with other users who have a Zagomail account.

Below the simple and easy steps to follow:

  1. Create your automation

  2. Click on share

  3. Click on share icon

  4. You will get a sharing link that you need to copy and send it to the Zagomail user with whom you want to share the automation.

    Once the user clicked on the link the automation with all steps will be created automatically on his account.

    Note: You can in anytime disable sharing the link with clicking disable in action.

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