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Subscriber engagement score
Subscriber engagement score
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In a competitive market any business owner should rely on the quality first when it comes to their customers.

Let's dig in.

You might have a small or big list with thousands of subscribers, but you want to know who are the engaged ones to offer them bonus, discounts to keep them purchasing again and again , less engaged or sleepy subscribers to re-engage them.

For the reasons above, we buitl the engagement score as a rating for each subbscriber with a scale from bad to very high:

  • High

  • Good

  • Medium

  • Low

  • Neutral

When you view your subscribers you can check out the engagement score for each subscriber:

How we calculate engagement score for each subscriber?

This is one of the most asked question and the answer is very simple. We used an algorithm based on metrics : open rate, click rate, sales, and other criteria to calculate this score.

The success key in marketing is segmentation

We recommend to all of our users to use segmentation within an automation workflow so you can get a deep insight about your audience.

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