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How to use a custom domain or subdomain for landing page
How to use a custom domain or subdomain for landing page
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We noticed that many customers prefere to use their custom domains or sub-domains for their landing pages.

You need to follow the easy steps below:

  1. On the last step of creating a landing page you need to click on "Add your custom domain"

  2. Click on "Add domain"

  3. Add your domain or subdomain without https:// (e.g. ""). the click "Add"

  4. Click on "Verify"

  5. Add "A record" to your dns zone in your hosting provider then click "Check dns records" button.

    Note: Afte adding DNS records for your domain, please click Check DNS records button below to verify your domain.
    Please note that some DNS records might take up to 48 to propagate. If verification fails now, give it some time and try again later.


    Here in this guide you have an example on how to add "A record" to your domain in the hosting provider dns zone.

Important note regarding SSL

Zagomail offers a free of charge SSL for your domain or subdomain. Once your domain/subdomain has an "A Record" verified then the SSL will be automatically activated.

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