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How to trigger an automation from landing page
How to trigger an automation from landing page
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One of the best and easiest way to grow your audience is the use of your landing page to capture leads.

We got a lot of questions on how to trigger an automation from my landing page...

in other words: How can I start an automation from the moment someone subscribed from my landing page and how to send automated emails, sequences, add tags,etc....?

The answer is very simple :) You need just to follow the simple steps below:

First of all when you create a new landing page, in the first step it's required to add a list where you will collect all the subscribers who sign up via the landing page. Let's call this list "My_landing_page_list".

To trigger an automation you can simply use the trigger "List" and select when subscriber joins "My_landing_page_list", that's it!

Note: the method above is working for all forms that are in all the templates and for all the forms created by using the bloc "form" on the drag drop editor. In case you want to embed a form that you've already created via forms section then you can follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new form from "Forms side" or click here to start

  2. Add an html block in the drag and drop editor

  3. Embed the form code just by copying form Javascript embed code and paste it in the html block then save and publish your landing page

  4. Go to automations and create a new automation from scratch with the first step "subscriber joins via form" and select the form name you embed in the landing page:

  5. If you want to send an email sequence then create a new step (action > add sequence)

  6. If you want to add tag then create a new step (action > add tag)

  7. You can add anything you want in your automation workflow.

With automation above, you can capture your leads while sleeping and send them automated email series, tag them, and much more...

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