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How to authenticate your domain
How to authenticate your domain
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The domain authentication is a great way to increase your inboxing and stay away from spam folder.

To authenticate your domain, you need to follow the simple easy steps:

  1. Go to account > sending emails or Click here

  2. You need first to add new email (Note: you need to use an email like: [email protected])

  3. Verify your email

  4. Once verified, click on the button "Authenticate" then a new popup will be displayed (see below)

  5. There are 3 txt records that you need to add to your domain hosting (dns zone): DKIM, SPF, and DMARC

  6. Copy each text record with the value in your domain dns zone (Note: You can ask the help from your hosting provider if you're not familiar with dns records)

  7. Once done click on the button "Check DNS records" (Note: It takes up to 48 hours for dns to propagate)

  8. If verification fails, just give it some time and try again

Important note:

If you point your domain to a CDN like cloudflare, then you need to add the dns records above on dns area in cloudflare.

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