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API for webhooks

Supported events list:

subscriber-activate - when subscriber is signed up or confirmed

subscriber-unsubscribe - when subscriber is unsubscribed

form-subscribe - when subscriber is subscribed via form. Required parameter formID

tag-added - when subscriber is taggeg with a tag. Required parameter tagID

tag-removed - when tag is removed from a subscribet. Required parameter tagID

link-clicked - when subscriber has clicked a campaign link. Required paramere linkUrl

1. Create webhook

JSON params:


event_type - one of supported events

target_url - callback URL on which the webhhok will be delivered. WebHooks delivered is JSON format using POST method

requiredParam - if an event has a required param (formID, tagID, linkUrl)

WebHook for subscriber-activate will have the following params:

publicKey = your_secret_key

event_type = subscriber-activate

WebHook for tag-added will have the following params:

publicKey = your_secret_key

event_type = tag-added

tagID = your_tag_id

2. Update webhook

JSON params:

Same as for create webhook. The only difference is that event_type cannot be changed. Only URL and mandatory params can be changed

3. Delete webhook

JSON params:


4. List all webhooks

JSON params:


Note : new events are coming! If you're looking for a specific event please let us know

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