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Pre-built automation templates for E-commerce
Pre-built automation templates for E-commerce
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Before starting using prebuilt automation templates for E-commerce, you need to make sure that your shopify or bigcommerce store are connected to your Zagomail account.

To do this there are two ways:

  1. Go to dashboard and connect your shopify or bigcommerce store

  2. Go to account > integrations > select shopify or bigcommerce

Once your store is connected you can use all the prebuilt automation templates.

Zagomail created most of the smart prebuilt automation templates that help all merchants to automate their business and increase their sales and ROI.

  1. Abandoned cart: Recover all abandoned carts with 3 email sequences.

  2. Post-Purchase: Thank your subscribers for ordering and ask them for a feedback and suggest to buy.

  3. Thank First-Time Customers: Thank first time customers and encourage them to buy again.

  4. Page/browse abandoned: Follow-up the shoppers who view a page and leave your online store.

  5. Reward best customers: Reach out to your best customers and encourage them to keep shopping.

  6. Win Back Lapsed Customers: Re-engage your customers who haven't made any purchase for a period of time.

  7. Welcome Newsletter Sign-ups: Welcome new subscribers after sign-up and encourage them to purchase.

  8. Birthday: Give a birthday present discount to your customers.

Each prebuilt templates is designed with elements that you can customize with few clicks.

Important note: Each prebuilt automation template has few sequences that you can edit and customize.

Abandone cart

To use "Abandoned cart" automation templates follow the steps below:

  1. Create automation

  2. Select "Abandoned cart" template and click on it

  3. Click on "select template"

  4. For the first step in this automation click on "update and select the integration" then choose which platform you're using: shopify, bigcommerce, ...

    Note: This automation template has 7 elements including 3 pre-built sequences and different delays that you can update.

    To update or customize any sequence just go to camapigns > sequnces and look for the following sequences:

    -Abandoned cart sequence1

    -Abandoned cart sequence2

    -Abandoned cart sequence3

    You can click on any of the sequences above and update then customize anything you want, then click on "Activate sequence". See gif below.


In the drag and drop template editor, you are allowed only to change the image on the top with your logo or similar and any text including headlines, text for buttons.

Dont remove any button or change links otherwise you will remove all dynamic data coming from your store like abandoned cart payment link and many other trackings.

For some pre-built sequences that have discount settings you have 2 options to choose a discount value:

  1. discount based on the amount: e.g. $20

  2. discount based on the percent: e.g. 30%

Post purchase

You need to update the fields related to the first steps (see image below)

  • Select integration

  • Product purchased: you can select a product or leave it empty so that the filter will apply for any product

  • Filter based: select one of the options then the value that you need to enter

  • Click on "Update"

Thank First-Time Customers

After selecting "Thank-first time customers", you need to add the first step related to the trigger.

You need to update the filters below:

  1. Select list: Shopify or Bigcommerce

  2. Select segment: One-Time customer

  3. Select action: Enter segment

  4. Select trigger: Trigger once

Page/Browse abandoned

For the first step you need to :

  1. Select integration: Shopify, Bigcommerce,...

  2. Enter the page URL: When a customer or subscriber abandoned this page the automation will start.

Reward best customers

You need to edit the first step with the follwing:

  1. Select integration: Shopify, Bigcommerce,...

  2. Filter value: It's lifetime order value you want to define for your best customers: e.g. 1000.

  3. Click on "update"

Win Back Lapsed Customers

You need to edit the first step with the follwing:

  1. Select list: Shopify, Bigcommerce,...

  2. Select segment: At-Risk Customers

  3. Enter segment

  4. Always trigger

  5. Click on update

Welcome Newsletter Sign-ups

In the first step you need to select the sign up form.


-Select subscribers list: e.g. Shopify or Bigcommerce

-Click on "Add new date field"

Add new custom date field like below and click "Add"

In select field choose: "Anniversary"

Click on update

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