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What types of lists are allowed to be imported?
What types of lists are allowed to be imported?
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Please read this article carefully to the end before importing your list.

Zagomail is committed to provide high inboxing rate to all of our customers.

To maintain high deliverability, all lists imported should comply with our permission-based sending policy and our anti-spam policy.

What types of lists are Not Allowed to be imported?

  • Purchased or scraped lists.

  • Prospecting or third-party lists.

  • Any kind of list collected without permission of subscribers.

  • Any list that contains : unsubscribed, bounced, or complainers (If you migrate your list from an other email service provider to Zagomail, then make sure to export ONLY active subscribers and import ONLY those active subscribers to your Zagomail list.). All email service providers allow to export active subscribers. You can also create a segment in your previous or current email service provider with filtering active confirmed subscribers and export them then import them to your Zagomail list.

    Note: If you want that our migration team help you migrating your list, just contact us via chat or by mail.

    Just keep in mind that importing inactive subscribers (unsubscribed, bounced, complainers) is illegal and it's a violation of our terms and anti-spam policy, because these inactive subscribers don't want anymore to receive your campaigns. Our system is powerful to detect easily such violation.

    If you import inactive subscribers your account will be suspended immediately.

Unengaged subscribers

Unengaged subscribers are the subscribers who did not engage with your previous campaigns: they did not open your campaigns for a long period.

You can notice that your current or previous email provider recommends that you clean regularely your "unengaged subscribers" because simply sending to "unengaged subscribers" will damage your sending reputation and decrease your inboxing rate over time.

Most inbox providers like Gmail don't allow to send to subscribers who did not open any of your campaign in the past month. The reason is simple: If people don't open your campaign it's because they are not interested in your content anymore, so you should stop sending them emails. For best practices you have to clean your list regularely from "unengaged subscribers" and send some "engagement campaigns" by asking subscribers if they still interested in your content or not.

Now that you decided to jump to Zagomail, you're not allowed to import these "unengaged subscribers" because they are not anymore interested in your content.

If you import "unengaged subscribers" to your Zagomail list, then your campaign will get high unsubsribe and complaint rate and this will cause the suspension of your account.

Please keep in mind that all the details above are the best practices that allow you to get high inboxing rate, and that allow to Zagomail to maintain high deliverability rate and above all fighting against sending spam.

If you need help feel free to contact us.

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