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How to add app block in shopify store
How to add app block in shopify store
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If you're using shopify, it will be easy for you to embed your forms in your storefront with only one click.

All you have to do is to follow the simple easy steps below:

  1. Connect your shopify store to Zagomail

  2. Create a form and customize it with your own styles, settings and display options.

  3. Save your form

  4. Go to your shopify online store theme and click on customize

  5. Go to "Apps" and click on "Add section"

  6. Scroll down to Apps and select "User tracking" Zagomail

  7. Activate user tracking

  8. You will see your form displayed despending on your form style, settings: inline, popup, floating bar, and display options.

  9. You can deactivate the app block just by clicking on eye icon:

  10. If you want to move the form app block you can drag it and and drop it wherever you want.

NOTE: You can add only one form by using add app block into your shopify store.

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