If you want to use your own custom domain for landing page and want to have free ssl certificate then follow the easy steps below:

  1. add your domain to cloudflare (Free package) (Cloudflare provides high security and it's used by almost all websites, if you don't have an account just create a new one by clicking on this link: https://cloudflare.com

  2. After signing up click on "add a site"

  3. Choose free plan and click on "continue"

  4. Click "add record" > select "Type => A" and "Name => @" "Ipv4 address =>" and click on "Save"

  5. Follow instructions by changing your name servers

  6. Click on "Done, check nameservers"

  7. In the "Quick start guide" click on "finish later"

  8. On the left side menu click on "Rules" then click on "page rules" then "create page rule".

  9. Enter your own domain in this format: http://domain.com/* and select "Always use HTTPS (See image below)

    Important Note: if you don't see "Always Use HTTPS" it's because you have a new domain then you wait just a few minutes and you will see "Always Use HTTPS" displayed.

  10. Click "Save and deploy"

  11. Done! now type your domain on your browser and you will see the ssl and https redirection working fine.

If you face any issue contact our support

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