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How to upgrade or downgrade subscription
How to upgrade or downgrade subscription
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Zagomail pricing plans are based on the number of contacts in your account. We made it easy for all of our customers to upgrade and downgrade.

How to upgarde my plan?

If you want to upgrade your plan at any time you can use the option "upgrade".

E.g. If your plan is 5,000 and you want to upgrade to 10,000 plan, you have just to click on "Upgrade" and your account will be upgraded.


If your plan reaches its limit it will be automatically upgraded to the next plan.

Let's say your plan is 5,000 .

E.g. If your list counts today 4,999 so if tomorrow your list reaches 5,001 then your plan will be automatically upgraded to 10,000 plan.

How to downgarde my plan?

It's similar to upgarde but in this case you need just to reduce the number of subscribers on your plan.

If your current plan is 5,000 plan, then if you want to downgrade to 1,000 plan you have to reduce your contacts from 5,000 to 1,000

Note: You dont need to delete your shopify app or other app in case you want to downgrade your plan

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