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How to add A record to your landing page custom domain
How to add A record to your landing page custom domain
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Important note:

If you have a live website domain then we recommend to use a subdomain for your landing page like:

Below is an example of how to add A record to namecheap.

How to Create an A Record

Accessing the DNS management panel can vary depending on the chosen service. Still, the process of creating a DNS record should not vary much. Here, we will use the domain hosted on Namecheap.

DNS Management – Access your DNS Management Panel

  1. Log in to your Domain Registrar Panel.

  2. Select your target domain and visit the DNS management section.

DNS Management – Create an A Record

Create a new A record using the following information:

Point the following A Record if you want to point a root domain ( to the IP address:

Type: A
Host/Name: @

TTL: Automatic/Default or select of your choice

Make sure to save all the changes. Once you have added or updated the DNS records, it may take up to 48 hours for your changes to be effective across the internet.

Check DNS Propagation

You can check the status of your DNS records propagation by using any third-party tool such as

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