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Connect shopify store
Connect shopify store
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It's very easy to connect your shopify store to your Zagomail account.

There are 2 ways to install shopify:

If you dont have a Zagomail account

  1. Go to shopify store and search for "Zagomail Email Marketing"

  2. Click on Add app

  3. Review the details and click Install app

  4. Register for a new account

  5. Confirm your account

  6. Login to your Zagomail account

  7. Now that your app is connected, a list with the name "Shopify" will be automatically created with all your subscribers

If you already have a Zagomail account

You need to follow the simple easy steps below:

  1. Go to account

  2. Click on integrations

  3. Select shopify

  4. Click Install, then you will be redirected to Zagomail Email Marketing in the shopify app store

  5. Click on Add app

  6. Review the details and click Install app

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