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Create a new landing page
Create a new landing page
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To create a new landing page, simply follow the easy steps below:

  • Go to left side menu and click on "Landing pages"

  • click "create landing page"

  • Add name and a list and click on "save and continue"

  • Choose a template

  • Use "Drag&Drop" editor to customize your template

  • You can use multiple components: images, forms,...etc

  • After that you finish click on "save" and close and click "save and continue"

  • In this last step you have many options

    1. If you want to use your own custom domain for landing page then simply enter it in domain name, then you need to add DNS records. Click here to learn how to add DNS records.

  • If you don't want to use your own domain then you can use the link when you click on "Landing page URL" blue button.

  • In case there is form in your landing page and you want to redirect your subscribers after they signed up, then simply enter a redirect URL.

  • In analytics you can track your landing page by using google analytics or by facebook pixel. You need to select the platform and enter the account ID wether for google analytics or your Facebook pixel id.

    Once the dns record are published you can view your landing page in your domain.

    Note: it might take up to 48hours for your DNS to propagate depending on your domain registrar

By usind Drag & Drap, you can customize your template and add any block you want like: image, Text and form.

If you want to embed an existing form that you already created in the "Forms section" then you need just to to embed it by using html block in the drag drop editor.

To see the statisctics and conversions of your landing page go to landing pages

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