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Actions in automation
Actions in automation
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Actions: it has a list of actions to apply

In the list of actions above you can choose:

> Send an email sequence: this is basically an email you created in sequences section

> Delay: you can delay this step with any delay time you want: minutes, hours, days, or weeks. If you choose delay of "1 day" this means next step will be triggered after "1day"

>Add or Remove Tag: if you choose this action, then you can add a tag immediately to your subscriber or you can remove a tag as well.

>Set a custom field: if you choose this action then you can change a specific custom field: (example: first name, last name, city,...etc).

Let's have an example of a basic automation:

Step1: A subscriber signed up via the form already created: "Form3"

Step2: Once he signed up he will receive immediately an email "Welcome-message" already created in sequences.

To create this basic automation you have to follow the easy steps below:

  1. Click on "Create workflow"

  2. click "Subscriber joins via form" and choose the form (in our example the form name is "Form3", then click "Add"

  3. Click on "+" below the box "Form3"

  4. Click on "Actions" and choose "Send an email sequence" then choose your email sequence (in our example it's "Seq".)

This is a typical example to send a welcome Message to your subscribers once they join your list.

(check image below with all steps)

Now let's add a "delay of 1 day" just after subscription this means that subscriber will receive sequence "Seq" 1 day after his subscription. (check example below)

Now let's add a tag after sending sequence "Seq", with this all the subscribers will be tagged immediately after that the sequence "Seq" is sent.

(check example below)

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