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Introduction to Automation
Introduction to Automation
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Automation is a Powerfull tool that allow you to automate anything you want:

  1. Sending series of automated messages to your subscribers

  2. Tag your subscribers following many rules like: Buyers, New-subscribers,....etc

  3. Recover abandoned cart

  4. Cross sell

  5. Retarget contacts

  6. Re-engage inactive customers or subscribers

  7. Welcome new customers

  8. Send special offers with gifts and discounts

  9. Reward your best customers

  10. Course or training promotion

  11. Automate your workflow and funnels

  12. Convert your new subscribers to buyers

  13. In other words, you can automate anything you want by using our visual automation module

We have designed many pre-built automations templates and split them on two parts:

Ecommerce category

If you own a shopify store or a bigcommerce store then you can use all the pre-built automations designed to automate all your workflow. You will notice that these automations have many prebuilt sequences that contain all the dynamic data regarding : abandoned cart, order placed, product purchased, recommended products...etc, so you need just to customize the content and let the automations do the hard job for you.

Other categories

In this part we have designed many pre-built automations for customers who don't own a shopify or bigcommerce store.

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